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Κεντρική  //  The Non woven What is Non woven?

The non woven

The non woven products seem to be made of fabric
but in reality, it is polypropylene fibbers,
not woven but bond together in several layers.
Polypropylene, also known as pp,
and it is one of the by-products of crude oil.
For the production of it no water is used so
it is prevented any
water pollution.

This material is recyclable and can be incinerated or
to decompose by natural processes without producing environmentally harmful pollutants.

The characteristics of the non woven are:

  • eco friendly
  • recyclable
  • durable
  • soft
  • light
  • water resistant
  • non toxic
  • breathable

The main advantages of the use of non woven packs are:

  • high quality with luxury look
  • ideal for packing and promotion items
  • low cost
  • reusable
  • available in many styles and colors
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